The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant changes to the way we all live and we recognise that our guests expectations for health safety, cleanliness and disinfection have also changed.

We want our guests to have the peace of mind that when they stay with us they can be as confident in our cleaning procedures as they were before Covid-19. BARELLA CABINS is known for it’s cleanliness. We have a long-standing commitment to rigorous cleaning. Now we have expanded this programme with additional Covid-19 protocols and best practices to create our BARELLA CABINS 48+ programme and to reflect the advice of the World Health Organization and both our National and NSW Public Health Authorities. We have also introduced special COVID-19 Booking and Refund conditions to enable us to be flexible to verified COVID-19 circumstances.

The BARELLA CABINS 48+ programme includes deep cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants and going forward guests can expect to see evolved procedures in every area of our accommodation service offerings, such as visible verification of sanitised items within the cabins (e.g., cutlery, crockery, glassware, kitchenware, bathroom amenities, tea & coffee facilities, remote controls) and a reduction of in-cabin furnishings, kitchenware and high-touch items. Additionally, and even before you arrive, you will have the peace of mind in the knowledge that BARELLA CABINS has a 48 hour separation between guest occupancies for each cabin. We have also introduced a 2 night minimum stay in all our cabins as a measure to ensure we can sustain our intensive 48+ programme and thus keep our guests safe.

And finally, BARELLA CABINS is a Covid Safe accommodation business registered with the NSW Government. In accordance with our registered Covid-19 Safety Plan and in the interests of the health and safety of all our guests and staff, we require everyone intending to stay at BARELLA CABINS and who are eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

We hope you experience the rural escape you deserve, knowing that BARELLA CABINS is doing all it can to ensure your stay is both safe and memorable.

1st January, 2022