Dog Friendly Terms and Conditions


We provide an opportunity for your dog to holiday with you. The property has 25 acres of cleared and fenced land for your dog to run under the dog owner’s supervision.

Vaccinated, house trained, well behaved dogs are welcome. Flea and tick protection is a necessity.

Please bring everything required for your dog, such as food, water bowl and bedding. While we allow your dog on the property, it is your responsibility to ensure your dog is well behaved and does not bother our neighbours, other property guests or other dogs on the property.

Additionally, it is a condition of bringing your dog that they must not be allowed on any furniture or any bedding in the cabins. Any mess made by your dog must be cleaned immediately.

Terms and Conditions

We do allow an opportunity for your dog to holiday with you. At his time we can only allow dogs, and only one dog per booked cabin. No other pet is allowed. There must be some common sense rules governing this. These Terms and Conditions apply to all Guests and Dogs.

The cabins are used by all, including those that don’t bring dogs. The next guest will not appreciate finding signs of your dog inside or outside the cabins. Your dog MUST BE vaccinated, house trained and well behaved. We highly recommend flea and tick protection. The property is primarily grassland and your dog may pick up a tick. Fleas will be most unwelcome by everyone.

Please keep your dog away from all bedrooms and areas where extra beds are used at all times. You must keep your dog off the furniture and carpet at all times. Please consider our cleaners, and the next guests, and clean up any signs of your dog within the cabins, such as paw prints on the floor, shed hair etc.

You must provide all requirements for your dog such as water bowl, food, food bowls and bedding. Cabin equipment must not be used for your dog.

Please bring your own litter bags and watch where your dog excrements. You must collect your dog’s excrement immediately. Just like you, the next guest will not appreciate stepping on land mines. Please don’t let your male dog urinate on the corners of the buildings or the verandah posts! There is no garbage collection service so your dog’s bagged collections must be taken with you and disposed of at the Waste Depot on the main road on the way out. You MUST NOT leave them in the Kitchen Bin, the outside cabin bins or anywhere around the property.

The property is 25 acres of cleared and fenced land. In general the boundry fences are small dog proof, however, there may be holes made by the wombats and kangaroos. The front gate is almost always open. You may let your dog run free on the property, however if you do, please supervise your dog at all times. Be aware that the property is in a rural area with livestock kept on surrounding working farm properties.  Neighbours can and will take whatever action is necessary if any dog is found on their property and/or is threatening their livestock. 1080 bait is commonly used on rural properties which is lethal to a dog.

All our cabins are on tank water. This is a finite and limited resource. Please do not wash or play with your dog using the garden hose.

In general, your dog is to be supervised at all times.  You are to keep the cabin and grounds clean, and be mindful of guests in adjacent cabins. Do not let your dog roam free unsupervised, as it could get itself into trouble if it strays outside the boundary fence. There are some very large kangaroos on the property from time to time, and they will ruin your dog’s day if they try to chase them. We have a program of attracting the native birds for your enjoyment. Native birds ARE NOT dog food!

The owners and operators of Barella Cabins accept no responsibility whatsoever for your dog. You understand that you bring your dog entirely at your own risk, and you agree that you accept sole responsibility for your dog and its actions and any consequences of such actions.