BARELLA CABINS is a Covid Safe accommodation business registered with the NSW State Government. In the interests of the health and safety of all our guests and staff, our Covid Safety Plan requires everyone intending to stay at BARELLA CABINS to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and to honestly answer the following 4 questions BEFORE they make a booking. 

1. In the last 14 days, have you or anyone else under this booking and anyone you live with, travelled to any areas that have been impacted by COVID-19?
2. Have you or anyone else under this booking, been diagnosed with, or suspect that you have contracted, COVID-19?
3. Do you or anyone else under this booking, currently have any travel restrictions in your home area due to COVID-19?
4. Are you or anyone else under this booking, subject to a 14 day self isolation order?

In the event that you or any other people who are eligible under this booking are NOT fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or that you answer “YES” to any of the above questions then we would ask you to please RECONSIDER YOUR ARRANGEMENTS and DO NOT proceed with a booking.